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Marie-Claire & Damien MATHON

«Chassagne »
69220 Corcelles-en-Beaujolais
Tél. : 04 74 66 15 94
Fax : 04 74 66 05 14
E -mail :



Appellation : Brouilly
Stock : Gamay
Soil : granitic sand
Cut : Gobelets
Wine- making process :
An unconditional wood-netting ( see Beaujolais), a slow maceration of grape skins to improve the development of the tannin ( polyphenolic compounds that give wine a bitter, dry, or puckery feeling in the mouth) (9 to 15 days ). A control of the temperatures at 28°C ( 82.4 F) for 4 to 5 days and then at 220°C ( 428°F) to finish fermentation. One pressing and two rackings to eliminate the biggest sediments and the risk of bad tastes. Allowing the wine to remain in a vat for 6 months before the filtering and the bottling.
Comments on the tasting :
A deep ruby red colour. A strong red prune - fruity nose. An intense, round, closed and full-bodied palate. It is sold with the screwcap closure system. You'll be completely satisfied with it during its ten year - preserving.
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